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We're a fast-growing startup in the luxury travel industry, looking for ONE highly skilled and enthusiastic marketer to join us on our journey to becoming the best luxury villa marketing & booking agency the world!

It's no secret that getting in at the start of a good company is probably your best bet for a fast-tracked lucrative career.

And we are that company.


We help luxury villa managers grow their businesses by offering a truly unique approach to marketing and booking management.

Specifically tailored to our niche, our services help our clients grow their businesses by:
1) increasing their revenue & earning more profits,
2) increasing their efficiency & reducing their operating costs
3) saving them valuable time by performing a significant portion of tasks associated with sales and guest management operations

More specifically, in this position, you will be working on targeted lead research, building our social media & sponsorship presence, content promotion, a powerful traveler referral program, paid advertising, email marketing automation & optimization, and analytics tracking.


We're growing fast.

In just 12 months, we've grown a simple industry blog into to a leading authority in the vacation rental marketing industry.

Now we’re successfully managing millions in bookings for luxury villas located in some of the most beautiful & exclusive places across the globe.

And we’re only getting started…



During your internship, will be working closely with the leadership team on various tasks and projects for a serious, hands-on, crash course into the inner working of a rapid growth, successful environment.

You will be learning about and working on the following:

Brand Management & Online Promotion;

• updating/monitoring social media accounts in order to illustrate our brands

• staying on top of industry news and re-posting relevant news to our social media accounts

• find significant & profitable opportunities to promote our content, build organic links and promote our brands online

• monitor mentions of our brands and online reputation

• create engaging & thorough online content that will showcase our expertise and promote our brands

• find significant & profitable opportunities to promote our brands at targeted events via sponsorhip and personal presence

Sales & Marketing;

• research and compile a list of potential leads within profitable destinations across the globe

• draft a sales email & outreach system in order to target those leads and acquire new accounts

• develop an online marketing strategy, using PPC & remarketing

• develop a creative online promotion project plan that will generate a significant amount of high quality leads with a budget of less than $500

Marketing Operations;

• develop/design a clean and efficient client progress report that is clear and easy to read

• re-design/expand upon various in-house reports to increase operational efficiency & productivity

Email Marketing Automation;

• develop/design an email autoresponder campaign designed to create brand awarness, build customer loyalty, and increase sales

• track results and optimize campaigns for maximium output

Traveler Referral & Loyalty Program;

• develop/design a traveler referal & loyalty program, designed to multiply growth, build customer loyalty, and increase sales

• track results and optimize campaigns for maximium output

Continuously growing and expanding your general sales/marketing expertise;

• weekly research and reading industry blogs and news

• weekly research and reading about sales & marketing copywriting to improve your sales, marketing, and online conversions skills


The right candidate will be a high achiever with an excellent work ethic, able to work independently, initiate projects and manage their work and time effectively in a small office, where team-work, collaboration and flexibility are essential. Genuinely passionate and personable, the ideal candidate must also be eager to grow and learn, and will be proactive in bringing forward innovative ideas in a clear, articulate and inspiring fashion.

Furthermore, the marketing intern will have the following skills and competencies:

• a passion for marketing

• a love for the travel industry

• a strong dedication to success with an exceptionally honest and reliable character

• a unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growth

• a genuine willingness to help people (both colleagues & clients alike)

• excellent verbal communication with solid persuasive skills

• excellent email sales skills

• excellent writing ability (experienced blogging or sales copywriting an asset)

• a strong ability and drive to effectively meet targets.

• the ability to create and implement highly effective sales techniques and systems

• strong organization, work ethics and punctuality

• ability to work as part of a team, or with minimal supervision and a great deal of autonomy

• leadership experience is an asset (any at all; sports, teaching, coaching, etc. . .)

* We look at "experience" differently. As a startup, we're doing a lot of things that haven't been done before, and "experience" doesn't necessarily prepare you for the unknown. What we value most is your understanding of your own experience, and how you think you can apply it to the position.


This position is a real opportunity for the right person to get a serious, hands-on, crash course into the inner working of a rapid growth, successful environment, and to kickstart your marketing career as an integral part of a company's future. -- Something very few "internship" positions offer (if any).

So, if you believe you've got what it takes, we want to hear from you!

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