Luxury Villa Specialist & Concierge

POSITION LEVEL: Entry-level, part-time
BASE SALARY: $24,000
FINANCIAL BENEFITS: $5,000-$6,000+

At VRP, we love what we do because we’ve got the perfect merger between luxury and work.

We're a boutique agency with a high-performance team environment and family-friendly culture, offering lots of support and growth opportunities to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities.

We’re also intentionally small with a flat corporate structure, and we like it that way. We get to avoid the mind-numbing bureaucracy that most companies are burdened with, and we have the freedom to compensate our team very well with top of the market salaries and benefits.

And now, we’re looking for outstanding customer service and sales producers to join our growing team of luxury villa booking managers.

As a luxury villa specialist & concierge at VRP, you’ll be communicating with affluent travellers and VIPs, as well as confirming and managing bookings for amazing luxury properties located in some of the most beautiful & exclusive destinations across the globe.

It’s the perfect lifestyle job offering a truly unique harmony between work and the finer things in life.

About the work lifestyle at V R P :

We’re extremely fortunate to be working in a super cool luxury space. And while there’s no denying that we can sometimes accomplish way more when we’re all working together in the same place, we work remotely or from home 90% of the time.

We have the luxury and freedom of being able to engage our brains and talents to accomplish high-value work, in an industry we’re extremely passionate about, and without the hundreds of distractions that come with the traditional office space.

Imagine no longer having to go through the repetitive misery of the daily commute...

Imagine being able to take your time in the morning, and never having to rush out the door without spending quality time with your family...

Imagine not having to be stuck in gridlock traffic, or feel claustrophobic next to random strangers, jam-packed like sardines in a over-stuffed bus or train with zero fresh air circulation...

Imagine never getting home late, missing dinner, or missing your kids bedtime...

Imagine no longer having to waste a Saturday or Sunday doing all the chores you couldn’t get done during the week - like taking care of the lawn, going to the store, paying or renegotiating bills, etc…

And just imagine everything else you can accomplish with the extra 1-2hrs per day that you usually spend commuting… (that’s 5-10hrs per week, and 20-40hrs per month!)

Here’s the brutal truth - the average daily commute is not only terrible for the environment, the science behind just how brutal it can be on your personal health is mounting, and it all points to the same conclusion; it’s horrible for both your physical and mental health, and it takes a HUGE yet overlooked toll on your personal relationships.

The daily commute adds a ton of stress, and it’s associated with an increased risk for obesity, insomnia, stress, neck and back pain, high blood pressure and other stress-related ills like heart attacks and depression, and even divorce.

Essentially, the longer the commute, the higher the risks.

Needless to say, we do our best work when we don’t have to stress out about beating the rush or worry about finding time for life.

Growth opporunity & benefits of working at V R P :

We're a high-performance boutique agency and a leading authority in the luxury villa rental industry, successfully managing millions in bookings for luxury villas located in some of the most beautiful & exclusive places across the globe.

It's no secret that getting in at the earlier stages of a strong company is probably your best bet for a fast-tracked lucrative career with a ton of opportunity to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. We are that company.

And if you excel and display a strong commitment to your work and teammates, you can expect to be promoted to the Lead Villa Specialist position, where you’ll have the opportunity to earn north of $100,000+/year.

We also offer awesome benefits such as, but not limited to:
- full-time salary pay, work just 2 days per week
- $1,000/yr stipend for home office
- $1,000/yr stipend for fitness & wellness
- $1,000/yr stipend for health and dental insurance
- 100% RRSP matching up to 5%
- 2+ weeks paid vacation PLUS an extra $1,000/yr to put towards your vacation
- and more...

We don't hire backgrounds, we only hire top talent, and this is a chance for the right person to be an important part of building something truly special within our progressive company. But please, don’t apply unless you are an overachiever and can prove it.

What you'll be working on:

1. Villa Booking & Guest Experience Management;

• understand that the guest comes first and that making them feel that way will be the key to our success

• go the extra mile for both confirmed and potential guests

• manage multiple guests request simultaneously via inbound/outbound email, SMS, and telephone calls to provide information & assistance

• help manage the traveler transition from initial inquiry to check-in with unmatched convenience and transparency, and with the highest level of customer service

• perform proactive follow-ups with guests from the planning stage to the confirmed booking of their villa

• create detailed travel & activity plans for guests and provide expert advice on planning for extra travel arrangements while promoting partner services and coordinating with on-site concierge management

• manage ongoing relationships with guests post-trip and follow up on satisfaction survey results to nurture and help plan their next trip with the goal of building a lifetime guest for our company and our clients

• offer AMAZING customer service;
     go the extra mile for your guests
     find new and more effective ways to offer travel planning services for our clients
     continuously follow client reports in order to offer valuable advice if and when needed
     find new ways to help you and your peers offer amazing customer service
     write a monthly newsletter to stay in touch with your guests

• find new potential relationships with travel vendors that could help us provide more value to travellers throughout the booking experience

2. Sales & Marketing;

• learn everything about the properties you manage, the areas in which they are located, along with the restaurants & activies available

• master email marketing and sales messaging in order to close bookings

• optimize channel listings and villa advertisements by creating engaging & thorough content that is tailored to the user experience resulting in higher click-through conversion rates and booking requests

• interact with guests via inbound/outbound telephone calls to provide information & assistance

• consistently follow up with guests in order to progress through the booking sales funnel

• find new ways to make the account reporting process as efficient as possible (simple, quick, painless, cost effective, etc...)

• understand and stay on top of your local market and competition in order to help optimize pricing strategies to increase click-through conversions & rankings, and ultimately maximize revenue for each villa

• keep track of everything in the Guest Support CRM;
     import all new potential guests into the CRM
     track funnel progress from initial inquiries to confirmed bookings
     stay on top of guest requests
     keep detailed records of interactions with clients within the helpdesk

• meeting and exceeding monthly sales targets

3. Continuously growing and expanding your general sales/marketing AND vacation rental marketing expertise;

• weekly research and reading industry blogs and news

• weekly research and reading about sales & marketing copywriting to improve your sales, marketing, and online conversions skills

4. Brand Management & Online Promotion;

• updating/monitoring social media accounts in order to promote our brand

• staying on top of industry news and re-posting relevant news to our social media accounts

• find significant & profitable opportunities to build organic links and promote VRP online

• monitor the VRP brand and online reputation

• create engaging & thorough online content that will showcase our expertise and promote VRP

What's required:

We particularly value the following 6 behavioural traits and skills -- meaning we only hire/promote people who are extraordinary role models for the following:

1.  You always do the right thing;
You treat people with respect, regardless of their status or opinions.
You are non political and have no ego when you disagree with others.
You're known for your candor & transparency, you see dishonesty as intolerable, and you always do the right thing.

2. You must be intrinsically motivated;
You are tenacious, and inspire others with your thirst for excellence.
You care deeply about your work and find great dignity in your own accomplishments, no matter the role you’re in, and rarely need external support or recognition from your peers. 

3. You are a strong independent leader;
You perform at a higher level than most, and surpass the targets assigned to you.
You listen well instead of reacting fast, and you are articulate and and extremely clear in your speech and writing.
You have great emotional intelligence, you thrive in stressful situations, and you consistently come out on top in the face of adversity.

4. You are precise in your work;
You learn fast, implement fast, and make very few errors.
You are also very quick to spot and admit mistakes, and you’re even faster when it comes to helping fix them.
You hold great value in staying nimble, and you always find time to simplify and minimize complexity.

5. You think long term;
You have a tremendous amount of loyalty to your teammates, and you think strategically and prioritize well with an outstanding foresight of the bigger picture.
You understand that true internal growth and upward momentum is not determined by exterior recognition of your accomplishments or a change in job title, and you care most about achieving the goals and excelling within the role you are already in.

6. You are growth oriented
You extend trust to your teammates, and you proactively support and share information openly to help the team grow smarter and stronger as a whole.
You identify root causes that hinder growth, get beyond just treating short-term symptoms, and contribute effectively outside of your specialty.
You care deeply about VRP’s success and growth as a whole, and seek what is best the your team rather than what is best for yourself.

The kicker:

We look at "experience" differently. As a boutique agency currently at the forefront of our industry, we're doing a lot of things that haven't been done before, and "experience" doesn't necessarily prepare you for the unknown.

What we value most is your understanding of your own life experience, wether it’s from your past jobs, academic career, sports, coaching, etc… and how you think you can apply it to the position.

This position is a serious opportunity for the right person to make a significant impact and become an integral part of our company's future -- something very few "entry-level" or part-time positions offer (if any).

So, if you believe you've got what it takes, we want to hear from you!

Our hiring process:

At V R P, we believe in accomplishing great work that makes a real, measurable - and most importantly - positive impact, no matter what your role.

We don't hire backgrounds, only top talent, and we're very selective about who we choose to work with. As a result, our hiring process consists of 4 rounds that every candidate must complete before being offered an opportunity to join our team.

It’s a decision that might slow down our hiring process, but it allows us to stay true to our core values, and ensures we keep our reputation as a leading authority the luxury vacation rental industry.

vacation rental marketing careers - application
Your application

Apply to the position you’re excited about by simply completing the application form, located at the bottom of the job description page on our website.

vacation rental channel marketing essentials - automation and synchronization
Quickfire challenge

If we like your application, we'll start off round 2 by inviting you to complete a quickfire challenge that you can do from home, and at your earliest convenience.

vacation rental channel marketing and management agreement
Formal in-person meet & greet

If we’re impressed with your results on the challenge, we’ll invite you to shake hands and meet for an interview with our CEO and dedicated team lead.

vacation rental marketing careers - hangout
Informal hangout

If you were able to impress in all three prior rounds, we’ll invite you to join us for a fun team activity out of town, all expenses paid.

smarter vacation rental channel marketing and management
The offer

If we think you're the right fit to join the team, we’ll offer you the job!


Here's how to apply:

Please complete the 3-part application form below.
There are 11 questions in total, and it should take about 45-60mins to complete.

Feel free to save your progress at any time. You can always resume and
edit your answers later before submitting your application.

We look forward to hearing from you!