"We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children."

- Lester R. Brown


Your choice makes a difference

We believe in the power of travel to help make the world a better place

For every successful booking that we confirm, we make donations to established charities whose missions help make a significant impact toward solving some of the greatest threats facing our world today.

The organizations we give to are the true heros. We’re just happy to play a small role in helping to support the amazing work they do.
Chief Vacation Rental Marketing Strategist


Replenishing our forests

Every booking helps toward replanting our depleting forests and replenishing endangered ecosystems across the globe

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While many other environmental projects can take years to show any type of significant progress, planting trees helps create a direct, effective, and almost immediate impact.

To do our part in helping to offset the ecological footprint our industry creates, we support organizations and donate to various projects to have one tree planted for every booking we confirm.

Cleaning up our oceans

Every booking helps toward cleaning our ocean and conserving its wildlife

luxury vacation rental marketing booking channels

From the food we eat, to the water we drink, to providing 50% of the air we breathe, the ocean is our planet’s lifeblood and most extensive ecosystem, and we believe it’s worth protecting.

That’s why we donate to organizations to help fund their many projects focused on cleaning the ocean and confronting acidification to help conserve endangered reefs & marine wildlife.

Helping our local communities thrive

Each booking also helps toward strengthening communities in need and building a world where everyone has a decent place to live

luxury vacation rental marketing booking channels

Having the amazing privilege to offer luxury vacations in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world is something we never take for granted.

That's why we give our team time off to help organizations whose missions bring strength, stability, and independence to the local communities in our destinations.


The vast majority of travelers give back when they book with us. Join them!

We've also created a way to connect both travelers AND our clients with the same established charities that we support, in a super simple and transparent way. With a micro-donation as small as $1, you can join the movement and help fund the projects you care most about.

We connect you directly with the charities to ensure that 100% of your donations go directly to these projects. So the next time we confirm you a booking for your business, we'll show you exactly how you can join all the people who believe that even the smallest of efforts can be enough to help change the world.


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